Iowa State University’s Center for Agricultural History and Rural Studies website Agricultural History Primer Digital History Project. Article contributions
( include:

“What is Agricultural History?”
“American Agriculture and the Development of a Nation’s Land Policy”
“American Indian Agriculture”
“Internal Improvements: Nineteenth Century Economics Aids of Settler Societies”
“Extended American Agricultural History Bibliography”

The Iowa Biographical Dictionary. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2009. Biographical contributions include: Cyrus Clay Carpenter, Benjamin Gue, Augustus Caesar Dodge, and Gertrude Durden Rush.

“Navigating and Constructing Improvement in a Settler Society: The Des Moines River Improvement Project.” In

“Sowing the Seeds of Communication: The Department of Agriculture, E.T. Meredith, and the Growth of American
Radio.” In progress.

Book Reviews

Rev. of Gudmestad, Robert, Steamboats and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom. Ohio Valley History 12 no.2 (Summer
2012): 87-90.

Rev. of Johnson, Leland R. and Charles E. Parrish, Triumph at the Falls: The Louisville and Portland Canal.
Valley History
9 no.3 (Fall 2009): 79-81.

Rev. of Kapsch, Robert J., Historic Canals and Waterways of South Carolina.
Journal of Southern History 77 no. 3
(2011): 926-927.

Rev. of Lualdi, Katherine,
Sources of the Making of the West, 3rd edition, Vol. I: to 1740. Bedford/St. Martins
reviewed for anticipation of 4th edition.

Rev. of Deslandes, Paul and Mary Lynn Rampolla,
Doing History: Sources of Western Civilization. Bedford/St.
Martins review for primary source reader development.

Digital History Scholarship

Agricultural History Primer. Iowa State University, 2006.


Remembering the Past and Setting the Way Forward: The Mortensen Road Dairy Teaching Farm. Iowa State
University College of Agriculture publication, Fall 2008.

Forging the Way Upriver: The Des Moines River Improvement Project. Future manuscript in progress.

The Promise of Great Water Thoroughfares for Midwestern Development: Rivers, Canals, and State Formation in
the Nineteenth-Century Midwest.
Dissertation under revision to manuscript.

American Agricultural History Document Reader. Future project.