Iowa State University’s Center for Agricultural History and Rural Studies website Agricultural History Primer Digital History Project. Article contributions
( include:

“What is Agricultural History?”
“American Agriculture and the Development of a Nation’s Land Policy”
“American Indian Agriculture”
“Internal Improvements: Nineteenth Century Economics Aids of Settler Societies”
“Extended American Agricultural History Bibliography”

The Iowa Biographical Dictionary. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2009. Biographical contributions include: Cyrus Clay Carpenter, Benjamin Gue, Augustus Caesar Dodge, and Gertrude Durden Rush.

“Navigating and Constructing Improvement in a Settler Society: The Des Moines River Improvement Project.” In

“Sowing the Seeds of Communication: The Department of Agriculture, E.T. Meredith, and the Growth of American
Radio.” In progress.

Book Reviews

Rev. of Hall, M. Ann, Muscle on Wheels: Louise Armaindo and the High-Wheel Racers of Nineteenth-Century
America. The Journal of Sport History
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Digital History Scholarship

Agricultural History Primer. Iowa State University, 2006.


Remembering the Past and Setting the Way Forward: The Mortensen Road Dairy Teaching Farm. Iowa State
University College of Agriculture publication, Fall 2008.

Forging the Way Upriver: The Des Moines River Improvement Project. Future manuscript in progress.

The Promise of Great Water Thoroughfares for Midwestern Development: Rivers, Canals, and State Formation in
the Nineteenth-Century Midwest.
Dissertation under revision to manuscript.

American Agricultural History Document Reader. Future project.